A Tamil Australian, or Aspiring Australian, gentleman surprised me when he expressed his gratitude towards Australia. Yet he had spent seven or eight years in Detention! As a European Australian, I consider that the Australian government’s policies are inhumane. I also firmly believe that it is through compassion, empathy, respect and understanding that differences dissolve.

With the Election of Teals and Greens plus Labors commitment to End Temporary Protection Visas, I hope to see a more compassionate approach to those seeking a safe home. To bring real change, we still have much to do!

Thank you, and the millions of other Australians who reach out in friendship, vote, demonstrate or invest hours on behalf aspiring Australians.

Land Of Welcome’s purpose is to work towards a society where we ALL belong; regardless of origins and faith, all of us deserve compassion and respect.

Since April 2020 we have gone from a small Melbourne organisation to a small, primarily eastern seaboard organization with members from Brisbane to Hobart. It takes a lot of exciting effort.

How you help Land Of Welcome when you purchase books from me:

You enable me, Robert Akeroyd, to keep volunteering most of my time to building Land of Welcome.

Bookselling at Melbourne weekend markets has been financing my community work since 2nd of December 2013. While your book purchases do not directly fund Land of Welcome programs, they allow me to engage with many people. I can donate most of my time to build Land Of Welcome and its activities. In fact, to maximise that time, I closed my pre-loved books shop of almost 34 years.

It all started with picnics. I run the picnics, our members and the Atherton gardens locals do the rest.

Read the feedback from Lucy, a mother from Atherton Gardens Estate:

Hi Robert, is me Lucy here; we miss you guys so much. I hope this coronavirus end soon so we can go back to our beautiful Picnic and activities that we do on Sundays. My kids miss doing activities with you guys. This program been so much helpful to both parents and children.

I thank you so much for coming out with it and put my beautiful community together. I like so much about I met beautiful parents from different countries and religions. Make me build the friendship with them and make my kids getting confident to be friends with random people's and kids from different countries, different areas and different religions.

I really love everyone in this group/program how parents help each other with the parenting hood and look after each other kids.

I remember when we went to South Melbourne play center with the children's and I was pregnant I really appreciate all the help I got. I hope we do it soon in god name stay safe and bless

Love you all and miss you all,

from me and my kids, Lucy.

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